Cataract Surgery

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Clifton Eye Care and Englewood Eye Center are the area leaders in all cataract procedures. Our team offers the latest advancements, using the most effective technology, for superior outcomes. At your consultation, we will discuss which options are right for you.

LASER-ASSISTED CATARACT SURGERY – is a new advanced procedure that is extremely precise and individually customized, requires less enery to remove your cataract, and can provide a much higher level of accuracy than manual procedures. Laser-assisted surgery can be combined with any of the following options.

STANDARD CATARACT SURGERY – will effectively remove your cataract and replace your lens with a standard single-focus intraocular lens. Cataract will be removed but you will still need prescription glasses for near vision and for your best distance vision.

PREMIUM MULTIFOCAL AND ACCOMMODATING LENSES – can be customized to effectively decrease your dependence on prescription glasses after surgery.

ASTIGMATISM-CORRECTING PREMIUM LENSES – can reduce the need for eyeglasses for patients with Astigmatism.

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What is a cataract? 

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